Start Small (Dream Big)

Last time we talked about the small beginning. Brick by brick we build, hopefully celebrating our progress along the way. But, what if we've lost sight of where we're going or why we're going there? Or, what if we haven't taken the opportunity to actually dream about the possibilities of what could be? OR, what if we know what could be but we're still stuck somehow? So many questions!

If your life is like mine, you probably have a lot going on. Setting aside time to process your dreams, or to actively think about what you hope for in the future, isn't always high on the priority list. I get that. Stephen Covey talks about the "tyranny of the urgent" and I understand him to mean that, without great intentionality, the work of putting out fires will consume our energy and our focus. Some of us have more flexible time on our hands, though. In that case, perhaps our struggle is knowing how to use our time well because we lack direction, clear tactics, or maybe we experience a paralyzing fear that what we think will work, won't. In either scenario, we're likely missing key opportunities to move forward.

I've found myself in the latter camp these past few months. Afforded with flexible time, I've actually found myself making the decision to sit in the opening to consider what might be (again). For me, this is called: Growth. Choosing to sit hasn't necessarily been easy, though. There have certainly been times when I've checked out, binge watching a show or two. I've had more than my share of moments when I've sat, staring at my cream-colored walls, feeling the weight of the space.

"Shouldn't I know what to do next given the insight I have on where I'm going?..." I've asked myself.

The answer? "Sure! I already have a mile-long list of next steps..." I've said to myself. (Aloud. Definitely talking to myself like this continuously more and more these days.) 

My struggle has been twofold:

One: Picking the best next step and releasing the fear that I may fail at it when I take it.

Two: Understanding that even with this long list of to-do's written out, taking action isn't necessarily the best next step because some ideas are still formulating and they need room to breathe before I execute them most effectively.

Can you relate?

When it comes to the big picture dream you have for your life (or that you might create through your life), whatever your struggle, know that you will start small. We begin by uncovering, acknowledging and then naming the dream. We move forward one small step at a time. We learn to believe the truth that we really can achieve it as we squash our fears each time we accomplish our best next step (which might just include rest so the creativity can flow). As my friend Ford often says, "It's not easy, but it is simple." We can swim around in the complicated, or we can be transformed... One simple decision at a time.

So I wonder:

Have you set aside time to consider your dreams lately?

What activities are you engaging in that are helping you to achieve them? 

If you need help along the way, I'm here. My dream involves helping you to put your feet firmly on the path to achieving your dreams by understanding your purpose... And hey, just a friendly reminder: You have what it takes to get there. I promise...