So Many Thoughts

Has anyone ever asked you, through their words or through their actions, to accept crumbs from the table? Like the remnant of a lovely meal, these bits are extended as a token gesture of goodwill. Perhaps the offer arrives mingled with a hope that this morsel is sufficient to gratify. You're too valuable not to keep around, after all. And you guess at this truth, though you don't experience your value in that room and near that table. But, maybe the hint of the possibility of access to "the more" satisfies your appetite for a while. 

Here's the thing... You're worth so much more than crumbs from a table. You're worthy of sitting at that table, sought out, enjoyed and, wait for it, fed well. And before you know it, you start to realize that you really are hungry for a good meal. The crumbs aren't cutting it anymore. Nope. They're just not enough.

May I encourage you in something? Please accept the invitation to the other dinner party. Please. Don't delay. You are lovely and delightful and cherished, thought of... Oh, so thought of... The beautiful, astounding, attentive and meaningful thoughts of One so wonderful are for you. Infinite and surprising (in the most astonishing sense), there's no way to uncover them all. Imagine that! No crumbs here. Only deep, abiding affection and love. There's so much life cascading in.

It's time to know that it's true now. You're worth that kind of thoughtfulness. Really.

Kindly, tell the crumb-bearer goodbye. You're heading off to the greatest meal of your life and you just can't make the time to stay. Wish them well because genuinely, all is well. 

And hey, enjoy the other party. I, for one, can't wait to hear all about it...