Praise is the Path

Whether you prefer to call it praise, gratitude or thankfulness, one thing is for certain: When enduring uncertain or difficult times, praise is the path! I don't know about you, but there are mornings (recent mornings) when I wake up and feel the weights come down upon me immediately. My life has been shifting in some significant ways recently and concerns and cares flood my mind as soon as my eyes flutter open. (Your eyes flutter open, too, right?)

The past two weeks I've been practicing praise. I begin by remembering there are new mercies for me today. There are people I get to connect with and learn from out there in the world. I am ALIVE and have the privilege of living my life in these minutes and hours, whatever may come. I get out of bed and wander along the hallway to the kitchen. I fill a glass with water and drink it down. And then I make the coffee. First things first, right? (Hehe. It's a start...)

So today, even if it's started in an unlovely way, I encourage you: Take a moment, breathe deeply and speak aloud five or seven things you're grateful for in this moment. If life is extra rough, keep it simple. Be grateful for that glass of water or the cup of coffee or ... You get the idea.