In their own words...


Kristen & Sam, Non-Profit

My husband and I are in process of a huge life change, so we met with Jessica to get help mapping out what we need to do in the next year to make this change a reality. She started by helping us identify our family’s core values, the things that all decisions will be informed by—it was enlightening to see pieces of each of us in our family core values. After helping us write out vision, mission and purpose statements, Jessica helped us create a strategic plan and broke down all of the steps to take to get to our goal. The process was one of discovery and encouragement. We feel equipped and empowered!


Brent B., Co-Founder & CCO

Jessica Bott walked into my office at exactly the right moment. She gave her experience and expertise without reservation. She helped me construct an infrastructure for growth and scalability by helping me determine what my mission is, what tools I need to accomplish that mission and how to best position myself and my team well. The biggest thing Jessica taught me was that the only way to see your vision through is to put it on paper, on purpose. Very thankful for our time together.


Nifer, Founder & CEO

Jessica was so helpful in thinking through setting a strategic plan in light of my end goals. I was feeling a little lost in terms of where I was headed personally, but Jessica helped me set a real mission statement that we used to guide the process of finding next steps! I often want to jump to the end of process where I can take big steps to reach my goal, but I learned that the preparation steps are just as important as the final steps.


Brent H., Founder & CEO

Purpose is foundational to everything I do, but I haven't always been clear on what that purpose is for me. Jessica was tremendously helpful in strategizing and asking the right questions to help me uncover that purpose. With this newfound clarity on my purpose, vision, and mission, I'm able to make the right decisions on a daily basis, and I now feel more on track than ever before to accomplish my biggest goals and dreams. Can't thank Jessica enough for her wisdom and strategic input to accelerate my life!