Jessica Bott spent years spinning in and out of disappointment. In the process, she slowly began to uncover what was keeping her stuck in this life-stealing cycle.

What about you? Do you recognize the patterns in your own story? Are you moving forward or do you keep repeating the same cycles with different characters?

Whatever you’re experiencing in your own life, The Spin Cycle is a refreshing spiritual novel that shares Jessica's story and experiences. Journey along with her as she encounters struggles with guys, roommates, finances, finding her best job fit and moving cross-country. From a summer in college to a year of spiritual exploration, join Jessica through three distinct periods of her life as she wrestles to emerge from the same frustrating patterns and re-establish faith when life seems to be falling apart. 

Whether you are currently facing disappointment or not, Jessica's discoveries will encourage you to live your own story with hope and courage.

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Book two

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