book launch!

together, let's help people find their firm footing in hope.


Imagine if each of us were truly freed up from cycles and patterns that leave us stuck.  What if we learned to notice when we're living in them? What if we were able to identify the roots so we could move forward and heal? How would life change for us in the process?

What I've learned over the years is that stories are powerful. So here I am, getting ready to share mine with you. My narrative leads you through some significant losses in my life that left me disappointed, unsure how to trust my own voice and very stuck for a long time.

One of my greatest fears was to be vulnerable. I feared that I wouldn't recover if I lost anything else that I loved or valued. So, I kept myself at a distance in so many ways. I had to be in control, keeping all of my ducks in a row. I struggled with passive aggressive behavior. I desperately tried to hide my failures from anyone but a few close friends. I felt shame in significant ways. I wanted to be loved, but feared it all the same. Know anyone like me? 

This story is for them and perhaps, you.  

And, this brings us to why we're here... It would be the greatest honor if you'd join me on the publishing journey. There are some very practical financial needs to get the manuscript professionally edited and published. I'm seeking to have everything raised by September 6, 2018 so the book will be distributed this winter. 

I cannot wait to get this book in your hands and in the hands of many others who want to end life-stealing cycles in their lives so they can live in hope. After all, when we live in hope, we are free to live our purpose. Your partnership makes this reality possible...

Would you please consider making a contribution to help people find their firm footing in hope? 

You can partner with me via GoFundMe. Thank you for your encouragement and support! It means the world to me...

Here's to going FAR together!